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    Libro | Escapebook: Enigmas muy Piratas


    Autor(a): Alberto jiménez García  

    Libro Escapebook: Enigma entre dinosaurios:

    • Libro carpeta dura
    • Educación de manera Divertida
    • Interactivo
    • Mide 10" x 12" 
    • Recomendado para edades de 8 años en adelante
    • 64 páginas
    • Texto en español


    Author: Alberto jiménez García

    Sail the waves over logical puzzles, unsolvable riddles, attention games, intricate treasure-hunt mazes, secret codes, and word searches safe from sharks. If you manage to reach the end with all the points from the Pirate Book Escape, the infamous Barbarossa will appoint you captain of the ship. Are you ready?

    Book Escapebook: Enigmas muy Piratas:

    • Hardcover book
    • Education in a Fun Way
    • Interactive
    • Measures 10" x 12"
    • Recommended for ages 8 and up
    • 64pages
    • Text in Spanish
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